Multi Faith Prayer Room

During Art Basel Miami 2022 Brandt Brauer Frick created "Multi Faith Prayer Room" - an immersive social sculpture featuring 120 voices from over 35 countries discussing faith, rituals, and the future, offering an intimate look into human thought in 2023. The pre-recorded statements are projected via spatial audio, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the polyphony of voices and single out certain voices by moving around the space. Each voice is represented by a light source in the room.



Their return to their dance floor roots was marked by Brandt Brauer Frick's 2022 EP "STEP". Eight contemporary dancers from around the world crafted choreographies to accompany the music. The performance was elevated to another level with the release of an interactive video that seamlessly combined the dancers' movements with the music.



In 2021, Brandt Brauer Frick released 3535 MEMORY. The EP brought together various formats of their live shows from the past decade into one cohesive, imaginary concert, featuring performances in form of a ten-piece ensemble, together with a 40-piece choir, and a full symphony orchestra, with a total of 263 musicians and behind-the-scenes personnel participating in the recording.


BBF & Orchestra

For the first time at the 10th edition of Mutek Mexico in 2018 together with La Orquesta Filamónica Mexiquense and again in January 2020 together with Orquesta El Sistema in Caracas, Brandt Brauer Frick extended their band to a full symphony orchestra.



For the first single of BBF’s 5th album "Echo" they created this interactive video shot inside an unused nuclear power plant.



BBF’s fourth album "Joy" was based on an intense collaboration with Canadian artist, chef and singer Beaver Sheppard. He also joined BBF on tour alongside the newly founded “Free Electric Singers” choir featuring MarshMello, Yosa Peit, Owen Roberts and Obii.



In 2016 Brandt Brauer Frick performed their first opera "Gianni" at Deutsche Oper Berlin for 8 consecutive nights. A parable of the fashion world, the cults of appearance, distinction and stardom, the story gets murderous like ancient Greek myths.
BBF developed the opera together with british director and choreographer Martin Butler and were joined by percussionist Matthias Engler on stage.


Holy Night

"Holy Night" was BBF’s first collaboration with Canadian singer, chef and painter Beaver Sheppard. The video, directed by Danae Diaz, is an animated dystopian story about a moustached god.


Watch Me Work

During a collaboration with Jules Buckley and the WDR Rundfunk Choir, BBF extended their line-up on stage by 50 singers transforming a choir into a percussion ensemble, a crowd, a reverberation room and more.
"Watch Me Work" is an excerpt from this body of work, filmed during their joint concert at Gloria Theatre Cologne, in March 2014.


DJ Kicks

A vinyl mix and journey through BBF’s inspirations and secret gems, this "DJ-Kicks" compilation was recorded on the the main dance floor at Berlin's famous Watergate club, where the band had previously had some of their first live appearances in Berlin.



Brandt Brauer Frick’s third studio album "Miami" was released in 2013, featuring guest appearances by Om'Mas Keith, Jamie Lidell, Nina Kraviz, Erika Janunger and Gudrun Gut.


Plastic Like Your Mother

Om’Mas Keith joined BBF for "Plastic Like Your Mother". Right after the video shoot they embarked on a three week long tour throughout Europe together.



"Pretend" feat. Emika was the first single off BBF's "Mr. Machine" LP. The accompanying video was shot during a week long debaucherous festivity in Brandenburg inside a decayed pulmonary hospital.


Mr Machine

"Mr. Machine" became BBF's first and to date only ten-piece ensemble album. It was recorded together with Rashad Becker - who also became the Band’s FOH engineer - and Axel Reinemer at Jazzanova’s recording studio in Berlin.



The "You Make Me Real" album cover magically became alive with this animation video for "Caffeine" by Danae Diaz and Patricia Luna.


Formation of The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble

In 2010, BBF made their long-standing dream a reality and founded a ten-piece ensemble. The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble’s first show took place at Eurosonic in Groningen in January 2011. Since then many festivals, concert halls, spiegeltents and even boats followed as venues for their shows worldwide. The 10-piece consists of three percussionists, piano, harp, violin and cello, trombone and tuba and a Moog synthesizer.


You Make Me Real

BBF's first album "You Make Me Real" was released in November 2010 by Studio !K7. The album was almost entirely recorded in Wiesbaden, where Daniel’s parents live and more importantly, Daniel’s mother cooks. Their garage next to the house had been turned into a drum rehearsal room and had just the right size to squeeze in an old piano, Rhodes and synthesizers. Paul started coming in from Berlin regularly to meet Daniel and Jan at the studio for recording sessions. Each time they met, new ideas were shared and new instruments brought in.


The Gym Records

In 2009, The Gym Records was founded by Brandt Brauer Frick to release their own club material. Shortly after their friends joined and the label started releasing music by a wider range of artists such as Nina Kraviz, Dollkraut, Max Graef and Yosa Peit. Farbfernseher, Berlin became the label’s home for a monthly DJ-night and guest appearances in many other clubs and house parties such as a Boiler Room Session in 2013 with DJ sets by Max Graef, Nano Nansen, dirk81 followed.


Formation of the Band

After a first studio-session of Brandt, Brauer and Frick the band was founded in Wiesbaden, Germany in the summer of 2008. Having had no time to make up a cool band name, the trio went on to record more music and prepare their first live show which should follow soon at Berghain, Berlin.
In 2009 they released their second single "Bop" on Danish imprint Tartelet Records.